When "red" meets industrial steel buildings, the beauty of industry is different


Here are six examples of how color can be applied to industrial buildings.

Shandong Maibaohe fitness Equipment Co., LTD
Maibaohe Group has three subsidiaries including commercial fitness equipment company, home fitness equipment company and fitness management company, covering the whole industry chain of fitness industry. In this project, the large area of red facade gives people a strong visual impact, but also fully create a vigorous vitality, in line with the health concept conveyed by Maibauh.

"red" industrial steel buildings project case1-1

"red" industrial steel buildings project case1-2

"red" industrial steel buildings project case1-3

Henan Juntong Vehicle Co. LTD.
Henan Juntong vehicle Co., Ltd. is currently the country's single plant production capacity of the strongest special vehicle production enterprises. The company covers a total area of more than 1,400 mu, which is mainly composed of two industrial parks of special vehicle and special vehicle. The project uses Liicai curtain ® sandwich plate products of Mastercard enclosure system, and adopts high-quality roller coated aluminum plate, which has good corrosion resistance and improves the overall service life of the building. The flatness is superior, the visual effect is quite broad.

"red" industrial steel buildings project case2-1

"red" industrial steel buildings project case2-2

"red" industrial steel buildings project case2-3

Binzhou Yellow River Oasis Forestry Co. LTD。
The project of Binzhou Yellow River Oasis Forestry Co., Ltd. is applied to the roofing system of Mastercard, with stable structure, excellent waterproof, wind resistance and heat insulation performance. The scarlet roofing stands out against the green and blends well with the landscape.

"red" industrial steel buildings project case3-1

"red" industrial steel buildings project case3-2

Qingdao jianxi garbage incineration power station.
This project is a large-scale modern municipal solid waste incineration plant in Shandong Province, saving 56,000 tons of standard coal for conventional energy every year, which can absorb half of the waste generated in Qingdao's downtown area. Its construction materials are made of bright color diamond ® sandwich board products from mastercard enclosure system, which has super wind resistance, moisture and moisture resistance, and smooth and exquisite visual effect.

"red" industrial steel buildings project case4-1

"red" industrial steel buildings project case4-2

Lhasa Culture and Sports Center.
Tibet Lhasa Culture and Sports Center is located in The Liuwu New District of Lhasa, Tibet. It is the highest comprehensive sports stadium in the world and the most important place for culture, sports and mass activities in Lhasa. The project adopts mastercard low edge vertical lock seam aluminum magnesium manganese roof system, which has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, light weight, high strength, easy processing and forming, which significantly improves the construction efficiency and reduces the cost.

"red" industrial steel buildings project case5

Dehuai Semiconductor Chip Industrial Park.
The mastercard metal sandwich panel insulation curtain wall system used in the project has strong adaptability and customization ability, which integrates green function with modern aesthetics, showing the power and beauty of modern architecture. Through the integrated design of internal process and external enclosure system, the power sense and scale sense of dehuai Semiconductor advanced modern industrial plant have been shaped and become the carrier of the symbiotic relationship between science and technology, human and architecture.

"red" industrial steel buildings project case6-1

"red" industrial steel buildings project case6-2

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