Pv-roof integrated solution, so that metal roof and photovoltaic synergism!

From the perspective of energy green transformation and energy security, photovoltaic new energy will be an indispensable part of future buildings. Aware of this, wiskind has developed the Pv-roof integrated solution to help decarbonize and enhance the efficiency of industrial/commercial buildings.
Pv-roof Integrated Solution
Product overview
Pv-roof integrated solution, using positive research and development and mature SR6® Standing Seam Roofing System, central, and TCL's a G12 efficient imbricate components, side-by-side with clever trackless decorate, coating fully inspired by Apollo ™ energy double the generating capacity of the battery, metal roofing and synergies of photovoltaic modules.
Product performance
1. SR6® Standing Seam Roofing System
Super wind resistance, waterproof, first-class, durable
Strong durability: SR6® is made of high-quality aluminium zinc steel plate or color coated steel plate;
Waterproof first-class: adapt to longer single slope and cold area waterproof requirements;

General: In line with China building modulus standards, prospective research and development.

 SR6® Standing Seam Roofing System

SR6® Standing Seam Roofing System is also tested by domestic and foreign authorities, and each technical performance has been certified by authorities.
 SR6® Standing Seam Roofing System Certifications
2. G12 high efficiency laminated double-sided and double-glass components
Increased power generation, no hidden crack in mechanical load, super service life, and no fear of shadows
Large size silicon chip technology comprehensively improves the conversion efficiency and power of components.
Increased power generation: The used imbricated components can provide higher power and performance, lower electricity cost, innovative imbricated battery design shortens electron propagation path, reduces current loss, and increases power generation.
Mechanical load without hidden cracks: Special imbricated circuit design reduces the impact of the battery on the power output of the components.
Super life: Smaller solar cells optimize current and extend module life by keeping temperatures lower in partial shade. And the flexible conductive adhesive also has excellent durability under the pressure of daily temperature cycling.
No fear of shadows: Local shadows at the lower end of the component have a significantly reduced impact on generation efficiency compared to other components.
G12 high efficiency laminated double-sided and double-glass components
Innovative features
1. Q-lok™ trackless fast locking technology
One component, four roof panels, and four quick-locking fixing points
Direct and fast locking with SR6 roof ribbed edges without any guide rails. Super lock seam provides stable guarantee.
Q-lok™ trackless fast locking technology
2. Double-sided and double-glass components
Double-sided absorption is more efficient
Double-sided double-glass photovoltaic module with glass package on the back can absorb the solar rays reflected from the roof and increase the power generation.
The pv-roof integrated solution selection of double-sided, double-glass, full-frame assemblies provides excellent water resistance, avoiding moisture penetration at the edges of frameless assemblies.
Good mechanical properties, stable and reliable power generation.
Large heat capacity, reduce hot spot effect.
Zero permeability, low attenuation, long life.
Double-sided and double-glass components
3. Apollo ™ Light Energy coating
The power gain on the back side of the double-sided battery has been increased to 3 times
Wiskind has developed Apollo ™ energy coating technology specifically for metal roofing through an in-depth study of the power generation efficiency of double-sided assemblies on different roofing materials.
The aperture incident sunlight is highly reflected by the Apollo ™ energy coating on the surface of the roof panels.
Compared with ordinary light-colored or aluminum-zinc coated roofing panels, the power generation gain on the back side of the double-sided battery is increased to 3 times.
Under the national "double carbon" goal, various policies for low-carbon and green development in 2022 have been frequently introduced, and all industries have responded positively. Wiskind has been deeply involved in the building envelope industry for many years, and has always pursued a sustainable development path. Now, WISKIND is actively contributing to the development of green energy and promoting building energy conservation and emission reduction.
With the pv-roof integrated solution, wiskind hopes to provide a sustainable path for more buildings to achieve cost reduction, efficiency and green transformation. In THE future, Wiskind will continue to focus on the research and development of photovoltaic products and the refinement of solutions, and continue to contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality.
Pv-roof Integrated Solution Projects

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