What does a car mean to you?


With the acceleration of the world economic integration, China's automobile manufacturing industry has entered a period of rapid development. Under the environmental impact of green economy, new energy vehicles will be a rapidly developing industry, and may also be another bright world-class industrial name card of China after high-speed rail in the future.

As the upstream industry of automobile whole vehicle industry, auto parts industry is the foundation of the development of automobile industry. As a global enterprise of form a complete set of auto parts suppliers, KaiFeiKe automotive systems (chongqing) co., LTD., is also a new energy automobile suppliers, the company is committed to the production, processing, research and development of auto control system and components, the core products of the engine and transmission electronic control unit, various sensors, actuators, etc., Strive to the world - class automotive core parts manufacturing.

The wall panel is made of WISKIND color diamond ® thermal insulation rock wool sandwich board, which is certified by American FM and adopts basalt wool with high water hate and high bulk density to make its thermal insulation performance better.

Digital layout, factory prefabrication and site installation make the project envelope system reflect the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and sustainable development, and actively respond to the requirements of green, low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection advocated by the state.

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